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Welcome to the Ponylagoon!
This is a resource of Breyer's original finish models. Would you like your photos to proudly display any of Breyer's models? The prices listed are an estimate of each model's value, these models are not for sale through the Ponylagoon. To see the sales list go to the second last link below.

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American Saddlebred
El Pastor
Iron Metal Chief
Five Gatier
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Saddlebred Weanling
Tennessee Walking Horse

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The webmaster for the Ponylagoon is only a casual collector and by no means an expert on Breyer models. My information has been found through other online sites and I have compiled it into this one site. Any information in this site is intended only as a guide and may be incorrect. If you are aware of updates, missing information or you disagree with any of my information, please email me and I will try to correct it. This site is an everchanging and growing project. Enjoy!

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