El Pastor

El Pastor
#61 El Pastor
Paso Fino
Produced: 1974-81
Bay, star, socks on both left
Estimate: $15-21
-- - --
Variation: blaze
Estimate for variation: $15

Photo courtesy of Andréa Bhend

#116 Precipitado Sin Par
Cips - Champion Paso Fino
Produced: 1987
Bay tobiano pinto, broken stripe
Estimate: $19-27

Photo courtesy of R. Hosta

Special Run El Pastor
Produced: 1987, about 100 made
Bay, stockings on both left
Source: El Pastor's breeder
Estimate: $55-103

For sale through The Ponylagoon
#867 Tesoro
Paso Fino
Produced: 1992-5
Palomino, white points, stripe
Estimate: $24-42

#914 Tobe
Rocky Mountain Horse
Produced: 1995-6
Dark brown, dappled, flaxen, broken stripe, stockings
Estimate: $39-78

Photo courtesy of Christina Swan

Special Run #700297 Desperado
Produced: 1997
Black tobiano pinto, stripe
Source: Breyer Fall Show
Estimate: $28-46

Photo courtesy of Nightingale Creek

For sale through The Ponylagoon
#735 Paso Fino
Produced: 1998-2000
Blue roan, black points
Estimate: $23-26

Photo courtesy of Regina Strehlke

#1145 Paso Fino
Produced: 2001-3
Dark brown, red points, lower stripe, sock on left hind
Estimate: $17-25

Photo courtesy of Annette of RåderHof

Special Run #730300 Reflections Set
Produced: 2001
Buckskin tobiano pinto, broken stripe
Includes pinto Paso Fino keychain
Source: Toys 'R' Us
Estimate: $26

Photo courtesy of Sanne Fleuren

Special Run #701103 State Line Exclusive
Jamoca Jazz - Rocky Mountain Spotted Walking Horse
Produced: 2003
Dark brown tobiano pinto, flaxen, stripe and snip, white brand on right shoulder
Source: State Line Tack
Estimate: $28-41

Photo courtesy of Terry Drissell

#1183 Luz de Luna
Paso Fino
Produced: 2007
Shaded light grey, shaded points
Estimate: $32-39

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