Photo courtesy of Regina Goetzinger
Peruvian Paso
#576 Peruvian Paso
Produced: 2002-4
Shaded grey, dappled, darker points
Estimate: $25-28

Photo courtesy of Brent Perry
RSV Involvidable
Special Run RSV Inolvidable
Produced: 2002
Glossy, shaded dark bay
Source: BreyerFest
Estimate: $31

Photo courtesy of Andréa Bhend

Special Run Causin' A Commotion
Produced: 2003, 2000 made
Source: Just About Horses
Estimate: $44-50

Photo courtesy of Nightingale Creek
Peruvian Paso
#1223 El Caballo Peruano De Paso
Peruvian Paso
Produced: 2004, 2500 made
Palomino, white points, stripe
Includes Peruvian rider and tack
Estimate: $56

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Barnhouse
Del Fuego
Special Run #710914 Cobrizo
Peruvian Paso
Produced: 2004, 1200 made
Metallic bay, stripe and snip, sock on left fore leg
Includes: wooden display base with fence and Cobrizo nameplate sold separately
Source: BreyerFest
Estimate: $60-66

Photo courtesy of Brittany Hannah
Del Fuego
Special Run Del Fuego
Connoisseur Series
Produced: 2004, 350 made
Dark brown, dappled, flaxen, stripe and snip, socks on both hind legs and right fore leg
Source: Just About Horses
Estimate: $230-295

Special Run Peruvian Paso
Produced: 2005, 5 made
Silver bay, stripe and snip, dappled, coronet bands on both hind and right front
Source: BreyerFest
Estimate: undetermined

Photo courtesy of Robin Bradbury
Del Fuego
Special Run #711306 Magnifico
Produced: 2006, 500 made
Dark chestnut, flaxen points, stripe, socks on both hind
Source: BreyerFest
Estimate: $82-112

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