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#36 Race Horse
Produced: 1956-67
Glossy, chestnut, bald face, stockings, black halter
Estimate: $33
-- - --
Variation: came with brown hard plastic saddle
Estimate for variation: $40
-- - --
Variation: socks on front only
Estimate for variation: $54

Photo courtesy of Kristina Modlin

#936 Race Horse
Produced: 1958-66
Woodgrain, socks, star, black halter
Estimate: $68-107

Photo courtesy of Jessica Draper - USA

Special Run #700897 Phantom
Produced: 1997, 3500 made
Grey, dappled, bald face, stockings, darker points, black halter
Source: Just About Horses
Estimate: $25-35

Race Horse
Special Run Daisy
Produced: 2000, about 15 made
Bay blanket appaloosa, leg barring on legs, black halter
Source: Breyer Tour Raffle
Estimate: $500+

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