Photo courtesy of April Leeman
Paso Fino
#5610 Paso Fino
Produced: 1998-2002
Dark red chestnut, dark brown mane and tail
Estimate: $3-5
-- - --
Variation: black mane and tail
Estimate for variation: $3-5

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Special Run JAH Special Edition Stablemates Gift Set
Produced: 1998, 5000 made
Shaded dun, dorsal stripe
Includes chestnut Arabian, appaloosa Appaloosa, grey Andalusian, dun Mule, black American Saddlebred, chestnut Shetland Pony, bay Morgan, roan Clydesdale, dun Paso Fino, grey Thoroughbred and chestnut Standardbred
Source: Just About Horses
Estimate: $7-16
Estimate for set: $83-98

Photo courtesy of Denise Doyle

#5306 New Arrival Stablemates Play Set
Produced: 2001-8
Shaded red bay
Includes chestnut Lying Foal and stable equipment
Estimate for set: $9-15
-- - --
Later sets include chestnut Scratching Foal instead of the chestnut Lying Foal
Estimate for set: $9-15

Photo courtesy of April Leeman
Paso Fino
Special Run #760600 Reflections Set
Produced: 2001
Buckskin tobiano pinto, keychain
Includes pinto El Pastor
Source: Toys R' Us
Estimate: $6-8
Estimate for set: $25-36

Photo courtesy of Glynnis Kelly

#5904 Paso Fino
Produced: 2003-6
Shaded light grey, dappled, darker points, stockings
Estimate: $4-6

Photo courtesy of April Leeman
Paso Fino
Special Run #10304 Hidalgo Stablemates Mustang Play Set
Produced: 2004
Shaded grulla, shaded darker points, dappled, stockings on left hind leg and right foreleg
Includes appaloosa Swaps, pinto Thoroughbred and roan Thoroughbred Mare
Source: Blockbuster
Estimate: $6-8
Estimate for set: $14-22

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Miller
Paso Fino
Special Run #701774 Horses of the World
Produced: 2004
Metallic palomino, stockings on both hind
Includes grey Warmblood, black Andalusian, bay Clydesdale,
dun Shetland Pony, brown Arabian and stable equipment
Source: TJ Maxx
Estimate: $8-15
Estimate for set: $35-60
-- - --
Also in Special Run Trixie
Produced: 2006
Includes circus tack and hoops
Source: BreyerFest
Estimate for set: $20-35

Photo courtesy of Natalie Sherard
Paso Fino
Special Run #710404 Flamenca
Paso Fino
Produced: 2004, 500-550 made
Porcelain, shaded red silver bay, dappled, flaxen mane and tail,
coronet bands on left front and right hind legs
Includes rocky dirt base
Source: BreyerFest
Estimate: $45-65

Photo courtesy of BreyerGirl72

#5209 Cowgirl and Western Saddle Set
American Quarter Horse
Produced: 2005-6
Semiglossy, shaded palomino, socks on both right legs
Includes western tack and cowgirl rider
Estimate for set: $4-6

Photo courtesy of Sanne Fleuren
Paso Fino
Special Run #700315 Home for the Holidays
Produced: 2005
Shaded light grey, dappled, darker points, shaded legs
Includes harness, carriage, Santa Claus and holiday goods
Source: Breyer dealers
Estimate for set: $12-15

Photo courtesy of Kristin Ball

Special Run Parade of Breeds
Paso Fino Cross
Produced: 2005, 1500 made
Shaded dun overo pinto, dorsal shading
Includes pinto American Saddlebred, appaloosa Mule, grey Thoroughbred, brown Standardbred, appaloosa Arabian, appaloosa Scratching Foal, bay Warmblood, appaloosa Scrambling Foal and roan Appaloosa
Source: JCPenney
Estimate: $6
Estimate for set: $20-36

Photo courtesy of Matt DesJardins

#5312 Spirit Family Play Set with Rain
Rain - Indian Pony
Produced: 2005-7
Red chestnut tovero pinto, flaxen
Includes Little Creek rider, wolf, eagle, tent and hitching post
Estimate for set: $12-15
-- - --
Earlier sets include a pinto Morgan Mare model instead of this Paso Fino model

Photo courtesy of Dorothy Graham - USA

Special Run All-American Stablemates Trio
Florida Cracker
Produced: 2007
Shaded dun, dark brown points, dorsal stripe, shoulder stripe, leg barring
Includes pinto Tennessee Walking Horse and appaloosa Standing Quarter horse
Source: BreyerFest
Estimate: undetermined

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#5918 Pocket Barn with Mare & Foal
Produced: 2007-8
Red chestnut tobiano pinto
Includes pinto Lying Foal, fencing, hay manger, trough and barn
Estimate for set (in 2008): $14

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