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Would you like your custom model displayed on the Ponylagoon? Just $1 to show your picture!

Price: $1 per photo (Breyer test runs are free)

Bulk discount: $10 for the first 10 pictures, 10 cents per photo after the first ten. Photos must be submitted on the same day for the bulk discount to apply.

I will post the Artist's name, the model's name and breed, show wins to date (these may be updated once a year), owner's name and a link to a website or an email address. I will not post sales information.

Contact me for further information: ponylagoon@ponylagoon.net

I reserve the right to refuse inappropriate pictures or links.

Once you submit a photo, the Ponylagoon can not be held responsible for any problems that may arise.

1. Pictures will be judged by me and placed in the order I decide is the best. If enough horses are listed in your category of your mold than being first will become quite an honor! I will judge the model on artistry and creativity as well as the quality of the photography.

2. Pictures from the same mold will be broken into categories. Following is a list of current categories:
-APPALOOSA (includes pintaloosa)
-BAY (includes silver bay)
-BLACK AND DARK BROWN (includes smoky black and classic champagne)
-BUCKSKIN, DUN AND GRULLO (includes amber champagne)
-CHESTNUT (includes sorrel)
-DECORATOR COLOR: A color found on model horses but unrealistic for real horses. Examples include: aged bronze, ageless bronze, charcoal, copenhagen, florentine, gold charm, gold frost, midnight blue, silver filigree, silver frost, sugar plum, wedgewood, woodgrain.
-GREY AND WHITE (includes alabaster, albino, pearlescent, ivory champagne and rose grey)
-MYTHIC: A model representing something found only in the imagination. Examples include: dragon, horse wearing a tuxedo, Pegasus, unicorn, zombie.
-PALOMINO (includes cream, cremello, perlino, gold champagne and isabella)
-TEST COLOR (released by Breyer as a one-of-a-kind test color)

3. You do not have to own the model but you must be the photographer to submit your work.

4. This is only for custom models based on Breyer molds. No original finish models (except test colors).

5. Once there is more than one example for your class (same mold and category), the photos will be judged and placed. I keep a scorecard for each photo that has been placed. You are welcome to ask about how you gained and lost points.

The three things I am judging are artistry, creativity and photography. This is a photo show. You may have the best live show champ in the world but if your photography isn't high quality he will lose many points.

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